Gift certificates

Spa Gift Certificates - it is an opportunity to present your loved ones and friends unforgettable moments of bliss and pleasure that they hold in our wellness complex. This pleasant , and most importantly demanded gift will be appreciated by the most sophisticated nature.

The fair sex once again not to indulge themselves happy to pass SPA prortsedury , since it is necessary to acquire more practical things . But they will always be welcome gift, emphasizing the care of your own beauty and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It's hard enough to pick up a woman perfume, cosmetics or jewelery. Because each has a particularly refined taste their special preferences. At the same time , the gift certificate is a universal gift that will be equally pleasant to everyone lucky enough to get it.

Choosing a certificate for a visit to our sauna complex you can make a sweet parents and friends , lovers and honeymooners surprise , thank partners and colleagues. And the presence of a broad line of wellness programs will pick up a set of procedures that are perfectly suited to each person:

  • For him - Rasul, Relax
  • For her - Chocolate Joy, Fruit Joy, Kleopatra and Eastern Tales
  • For lovers - Spa for a couple "Dead sea Gifts", "Love Melody", "Soulmates"
  • For moms favorite - Red Wine, Provence Herbals, Smells of Spring
  • And for young mothers - Slim Fit

Gave their friends and relatives a unique chance to forget about the rapid pace of life and enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Visit our salon SPA-House is guaranteed to cheer you up, plucked from the everyday monotony of everyday life. Wellness presented here have a unique tonic effect, relieve seasonal depression, improve skin and blood circulation, enhance immunity, prolong youth.

Certificate holders will be able to evaluate the quality of a pleasant and effective procedures, but also to enjoy the clearance certificate. Performed on an elegant paper and placed in a company envelope, it looks beautiful, stylish and expensive. So, anyone who he will be presented, will remember this gift and the giver.