After a long day full of worries and stress, always a pleasure to be there, where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort, happiness and bliss. For many centuries in different parts of the world such a place is a bath or sauna. The room where the healing properties of water treatments to help you relax and realize your cherished dreams of the perfect vacation.

In the bath and wellness complex SPA-House with Wi-Russian wood-fired sauna, a cozy fireplace lounge, outdoor swimming pool with jet therapy, steam bath, font, infrared cabin. Here you can spend your time with a noisy company or alone, to regain his strength.

Healing properties of wood-fired sauna known for a long time . Steam qualitatively affect the physical and mental condition. The effect of the impact on the body healing vapors simply magical ! This is a good way to give a figure slender and graceful natural way to lose weight . Once there , visitors will be able to boost your immunity , excrete toxins and waste , improve the skin and joints . The same will contribute flavoring and medicinal resin. Water and anti-aging treatments , combined with thermotherapy certainly will benefit anyone, regardless of age and gender. As a result, you get rid of not only the extra pounds, but also rejuvenate a few years.

Swimming pool with jet therapy , using the healing properties of water treatments , raise your vitality and will have health effects on the body. Bathing in the font will completely get rid of fatigue , relieve stress and get rid of the prerequisites for depression. Wooden font in its effect is not inferior to this hole. Plunged into it, as you can not fully feel the life-giving force of bath procedures . A sessions in an infrared cabin will allow you to improve your cardiovascular activity and blood circulation, relax the muscles completely .

In the bath, SPA-House you in a pleasant atmosphere of recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation. Time spent here will be spent not only with pleasure, but with the benefit. That is why, having visited us once, you will seek to return here again and again.